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Elyn Zimmerman: Places + Projects, Forty Years
Essays by Tom Moran, Charles Stuckey, Marc Treib, and John Beardsley
This monograph documents 40 years of projects and sculptures by American artist Elyn Zimmerman (b. 1945), from her ephemeral Light and Space works done in Los Angeles in the 1970s to her recent exhibition at Grounds for Sculpture.
ISBN 9780966564440 / US $80.00 / 12.25 x 11.25 in. / 180 pgs / 176 color / January 2018
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2015 Acquisition of archives by Archives of American Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC


Wind, Water, Stone, September, 2016 - January, 2018 Grounds for Sculpture East Gallery, Hamilton, NJ

In 1977, still a painter and photographer, Zimmerman made her first trip to India where visiting historical and sacred sites awakened in her a deep interest to make meaningful physical places. Returning to the US, she developed an approach of combining physically imposing large blocks of quarried and natural cleft stone with the visual experiences of contrasting textures, reflectivity, and the ethereal movements of water within the context of a defined ‘place’. One of her most notable projects in this regard is MARABAR, 1984 at the headquarters of the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.

One after the other, large projects took Zimmerman around the world. Her photographic images in this exhibit are documents of places that have been inspirational to her work. Each diptych section features the black and white archeological or geological images on the dark panel. The light colored panel of each section contains color images of the resultant public projects and sculptures which Zimmerman created using inspiration she garnered from each site.
- Excerpt of exhibition statement by Tom Moran

Sensitive Chaos, April, 2017 - January, 2018 Grounds for Sculpture West Gallery, Hamilton, NJ

For Zimmerman, earth, light, and atmosphere are elemental truths about our natural world that have resonated as guiding principals in her work throughout her career as a sculptor, painter, and photographer. Since 2000, she has built an extensive body of works on paper in mixed drawing media and photography. These works examine the indeterminacy of nature and bring focus to its essential dynamism.

In Zimmerman’s most recent works of the KOSMOS series, she continues exploring observation of light, color and matter, but now in the deep void of outer space. Star clusters, galaxies, and planets such as in the KOSMOS: Saturn series (1-6), are dynamic and spatially provoking constructivist compositions that evoke the otherworldliness of where they exist.
- Excerpt of exhibition statement by Tom Moran


An Artist at Work, 2005, a video produced by Checkerboard Film Foundation, New York, NY, documenting Elyn Zimmerman's creative process and the building of Assembly of Friends, a project commissioned by the US State Department and FAPE for the United States Embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2004. 

Elyn Zimmerman: Wind, Water, Stone, 2016, video produced by Grounds for Sculpture accompanying Wind, Water, Stone and Senseless Chaos exhibitions.